Based in the Lausanne region of Switzerland, Genius Loci SA is a startup active in the digitalization of heritage and hyperlocal tourism promotion. A modern, sustainable and economical recovery solution.

It is often the cultural heritage, the local stories and legends, or the encounters, which make the spice of a trip. Local tourism must be developed and modernized. Cities only promote a tiny portion of the places of interest on their territory. Too often with old-fashioned communication. Content is often static and one-sided. Generally untranslated.

Genius Loci offers the possibility of making these hyperlocal destinations finally attractive, at a very affordable cost for cities, communities, and even individuals. Our platform makes it possible to create thousands of interactive digital spaces, aimed at promoting Places of interest, and contributing to their promotion as well as their collective memory.

Stéph Cruchon - Genius Loci

Steph Cruchon


Founder of Design Sprint Ltd and co-founder of Genius Loci, Stéph is a UX Designer with more than 20 years of experience in digital design and innovation.

During his career, Steph has worked as a designer and consultant with companies such as Adobe, WHO, Longines, Swiss Re, Autodesk, Swissquote bank, L'Oréal, Climeworks, Kudelski, and many others for quickly design and prototype their services, strategies and products.

Eglé Cruchon - Genius Loci

Egle Cruchon


Co-founder of Genius Loci, Eglé has a degree in social sciences and trained as a psychologist. She began her career in education, working for years in multicultural environments, coordinating, engaging and building trust between teams and clients. His passion for psychology is an asset in understanding users and customers: understanding their habits or uses as well as their expectations and motivations.

Julien Suard

Head of Design

With more than 20 years of experience in product design, Julien is the former head of design and ergonomics (UX/UI) at Infomaniak Network SA, Switzerland's leading web host. He spent 9 years rethinking the company's ecosystem, its Design System and unifying all Infomaniak products for a better user experience.

Julien now leads the design of major digital products, co-facilitates workshops and teaches courses focused on user experience (UX) and prototyping.