Genius Loci the story

Genius Loci the story

Episode 01

The idea

Genius Loci the story

Episode 02

The name

Genius Loci the story

Episode 04

First tests

Genius Loci the story

Episode 05

First designs

Genius Loci, or how to reinvent the promotion of hyper-local heritage.

In fact, the idea was born 8 years ago, on a walk, somewhere around Friborg in Switzerland

Along the way, we discover an old church, half in ruins, slowly eaten away by vegetation.

The place was crazy

Steph : Did you see that ? Where are we ?

Egle : (Looking on Googlemap) Er… In the middle of nowhere…

Steph : What is the name of the place?

Egle : There's nothing written… not even a sign.

That same day, we continued to see incredible places: a huge oak tree, a mysterious rock split in two, an old forgotten medieval tower, an Art Deco mansion, an isolated romantic bench… All these places seemed special. They had secrets and stories, but no one to tell them.

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So we had the BIG IDEA: Indestructible physical medals, which can be hidden in the middle of nowhere, but open to a digital space, with rich, authentic, emotional, fun content and above all not found elsewhere.

It is according to us The best solution to promote millions of places still hidden in the world.

Our dream is simply that in a few years we go randomly to a big European city, and that we discover our medals at the bend of a mysterious alley.

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