Becoming a Genius is an important and exciting role, but also a responsibility. Before depositing your Medal, make sure you comply with our ethical charter.


ask before depositing a Medal.

If you are not the owner of the place yourself, be sure to ask for permission beforehand. Depending on the location, this will be with the municipality, the state or a private party. You can also propose to the owner to become co-Genius and send him an invitation. He can also write his own content.

Always make sure not to damage or distort the place by fixing your medal there.

Moderation and exchanges

act as a “keeper of the place”

By becoming Genius, you become the voice of this place and in a way the guarantor of its memory.
Make your space as welcoming as possible. Think about encouraging interaction with visitors, and responding to comments.


are you the right person?

Do you have a particular attachment to this place? Memories, or interesting information to share? If this is not really the case, consider inviting other co-Geniuses who will be able to complete your content.


quality and originality

When you write your content, always think about future visitors. What do they want to read? What will interest them? Feel free to share personal anecdotes, stories or local legends. No need to be too scientific or encyclopedic, as long as the information is correct. If you draw inspiration from content found elsewhere, remember to cite your sources.

Content that is overtly marketing, or has little to do with the location, may be removed from the site. Genius Loci

Opinions and themes

avoid annoying subjects

Genius Loci allows you to promote any type of place, but this must always be done in a good-natured spirit and with absolute respect for the law. Any political subject, or any very personal rereading of history should be avoided.


pleasure and generosity above all

When a visitor discovers your medal and its contents, he must be surprised, intrigued, charmed… in short, learn something about the place and feel pleasure.
You are the guide, it's up to you!