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Genius Loci consists of a physical stainless steel medal and a digital space for each location.

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content creation icon on genius-loci

Content co-creation

A simple interface that allows you to edit content on your phone or computer in co-creation.

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A comment system (optional) can be activated on each contribution

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Quality control content icon Genius Loci

Quality Control

Simple interface to manage the quality of content and comments

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Location management icon genius loci

Location management

Flexible location management: multi-contributors, multi-medals

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Content translations icon genius loci


Instant translation and accessibility of content in more than 10 languages

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Visitor experience icon genius loci

Visitor experience

Visitors discover content immediately, with a simple scan

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Statistics icon Genius Loci


Get detailed figures on the number of views, the time spent on the site, and the amplitude of the visits.

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Personalization of your city or association on the medals Genius loci


Add your city logo to personalize the App Genius Loci and the appearance of the medals

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All prices are detailed in our booklet:



  • 20 medals & the digital solution
  • Custom Medals
  • Content hosting
  • Training videos


  • 50 medals & the digital solution
  • Content hosting
  • Custom Medals
  • A face-to-face workshop with citizens in your municipality
  • 1 technical referent
  • Whatsapp group with support