A modern and economical alternative to tourist signs.

Tourist signs are expensive, which limits their use to certain important monuments. Connected medals Genius Loci make it possible to value un large-scale territory. Economical, elegant and respectful tourist signage.

Fit everywhere
Designed for the outdoors
Brushed stainless steel, recyclable
Swiss Made icon
Swiss quality

The medals Genius Loci in brushed stainless steel are durable and designed for the outdoors. They should be placed as close as possible to or on the subject to be enhanced.

The unique QR code gives access to a " Secret space » digital, dedicated only to the place. The data is hosted in Switzerland by an ethical host certified ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001. We guarantee the hosting of your data, at no additional cost.

As a "Genius" (keeper of the place), you can add your content in an unlimited way, in the form of "secrets".

  • Dimensions of the medal are 90 x 110mm, They are easily fixed with two screws (provided)
  • It can also be adhered to all types of surfaces.
  • It is possible to link several medals to the same place
  • It’s also possible to remove the link between a medal and its location and point it to a new location. In this case it is obviously necessary to move the medal.
  • Several people can manage the same place (using an invitation system).

What do these medals look like?

Our medals measure 90 x 110mm. Aesthetically timeless, they fit almost anywhere, as close as possible to the subject being enhanced.
We manufacture them in Switzerland, in our own workshop, from brushed stainless steel—a particularly durable and ecological material since it’s so easy to recycle.


We offer personalization of medal names, for communities, associations or individuals.
Minimum order: 18 medals.
Ask us for an offer.

Super resistant

We use brushed stainless steel, for its extreme resistance to corrosion and the elements.
The inscription is made using a process of chemical laser engraving, which reacts with the stainless steel and tints the etched parts a deep black. The overall result is a medal that’s far more resistant to scratches, wear and tear than a standard printed panel.

All prices are detailed in our booklet:



  • 20 medals & the digital solution
  • Custom Medals
  • Content hosting
  • Training videos


  • 50 medals & the digital solution
  • Content hosting
  • Custom Medals
  • A face-to-face workshop with citizens in your municipality
  • 1 technical referent
  • Whatsapp group with support
Logo of your city or association on the medals Genius loci


Add your city logo to personalize the App Genius Loci and the appearance of the medals

The solution Genius Loci


Genius Loci is made up of a combination of a physical medal and a digital space (minisite) entirely dedicated to the place.

Content creation on genius-loci

Content creation

A simple interface that allows you to edit content on your phone or computer

Statistics Genius Loci


Get detailed figures on the number of views, the time spent on the site, and the amplitude of the visits.

Visitor experience genius loci

Visitor experience

Visitors discover content immediately, with a simple scan

Content translations genius loci

Content translations

Instant translation of content into more than 10 languages

Location management genius loci

Location management

Genius Loci offers flexible management of locations: multi-contributors, multi-medals

Quality control content Genius Loci

Quality control

Simple interface to manage the quality of content and comments

Comments on genius loci


A comment system (optional) can be activated on each contribution