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Genius Loci - Communities


For cities or associations
Give citizens the power to help develop and digitize local heritage.

Genius Loci - Individuals


For enthusiasts
Become the guardian—or Genius—of your favorite place and share its secrets with visitors.

For cities or associations

Connected medals at an affordable cost, to promote local heritage by giving an active role to citizens


For enthusiasts

Become the guardian of your favorite place, and share all its secrets with future visitors.


Behind every great place is a great story waiting to be discovered

3 medal genius loci

The Genius Loci Medals, a modern and economical alternative to tourist signs.

On average, a quality tourist sign costs 2,500 Euros, making them cost-prohibitive to all but the most important attractions. For the same price, Genius Loci can enhance up to 40 places.

Fit everywhere
Designed for the outdoors
Brushed stainless steel, recyclable
Swiss quality

Innovation accessible to all

Genius Loci Medal

55 CHF

Shipping and hosting costs included

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The Genius Loci Medals in brushed stainless steel are durable and designed for the outdoors. They should be placed as close as possible to or on the subject to be enhanced.

The unique QR code gives access to a " Secret space » digital, dedicated only to the place. The data is hosted in Switzerland by an ethical host certified ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001. We guarantee the hosting of your data, at no additional cost.

As a "Genius" (keeper of the place), you can add your content in an unlimited way, in the form of "secrets".

Dimensions of the medal are 90 x 110mm, They are easily fixed with two screws (provided)

It can also be adhered to all types of surfaces.

It is possible to link several medals to the same place

It’s also possible to remove the link between a medal and its location and point it to a new location. In this case it is obviously necessary to move the medal.

Several people can manage the same place (using an invitation system).

Your Genius Loci medal will be sent by Swiss Post.

Your order is processed within 48 hours and the delivery times are those of Swiss Post.

Times vary by destination and may be influenced by current events (lockdowns, labor shortages, and slow ports may contribute to shipping delays).

How does it work?

What do these medals look like?

Our medals measure 90 x 110mm. Aesthetically timeless, they fit almost anywhere, as close as possible to the subject being enhanced.
We manufacture them in Switzerland, in our own workshop, from brushed stainless steel—a particularly durable and ecological material since it’s so easy to recycle.


We offer personalization of medal names, for communities, associations or individuals.
Minimum order: 18 medals.
Ask us for an offer.

Super resistant

We use brushed stainless steel, for its extreme resistance to corrosion and the elements.
The inscription is made using a process of chemical laser engraving, which reacts with the stainless steel and tints the etched parts a deep black. The overall result is a medal that’s far more resistant to scratches, wear and tear than a standard printed panel.

Everyone can become “Genius”!

Genius Loci Medals offer history, architecture or culture enthusiasts a simple and effective tool to share their knowledge, in context. In essence, you become a guardian of the place’s memory

The Genius are historians, photographers, teachers, travelers, architects, retirees, artists, passionate about heritage, culture and nature...

Genius loci holding his phone
Genius Loci medal

A gift with meaning

Think of the special spots your friends or family members have shared with you or told you about. Everyone has a favorite place.

Becoming the guardian of a Genius Loci is a stimulating and rewarding activity… and a gift for future generations.

You tell the story!

Where to place the medals

Genius Loci's mission is to enhance places that are still hidden or little known. A natural curiosity, an old house, a bench, a statue, a tomb, a village square, a remarkable tree...

The medals have been designed to fit in elegantly almost anywhere, including as close as possible to the object of attraction If it's not your private place, however, consider asking permission before placing (See it Genius Charter)

Bench Genius Loci

AboutGenius Loci

2000 years ago, the Romans thought that every place was protected by a Genius Loci, - the spirit of the place.

Today, the “genius loci” designates the particular atmosphere of a place, its character, its history. The term is particularly used in architecture.

Now we’ve taken up this notion to create a rewarding and easy-to-use tool for cities, community organizations and individual citizens, to promote and digitize their favorite hidden attractions and secrets, while preserving heritage for all to access.

Created in Switzerland by the brains behind Design Sprint Ltd, Genius Loci Ltd offers the possibility of making hyperlocal destinations accessible to a wide audience, at a very affordable cost.