Intended as much for cities, communities and associations as for individuals, the Genius Loci solution is a technological product for promoting local heritage, combining the best of physical and digital technologies. Genius Loci is both a physical medal to be fixed as close as possible to the place of interest, and a digital space entirely dedicated to the place.

Genius loci Medals

Thanks to the medals Genius loci, visitors can scan a simple QR code to discover the stories hidden behind the places. Each medal Genius loci tells a unique story, created by the locals who know their region best.

The bias of Genius Loci is to offer “the best of both worlds”: the power and flexibility of digital, we combine a physical dimension, at an affordable cost. Why did you choose this hybrid approach: physical AND digital?

Tourist signs

Physical tourist panels are very expensive (on average more than 2 EUR), sometimes make the place they seek to enhance look ugly and are poorly resistant to weather and the elements: cold, rain, UV rays from the sun… Given the space to be provision, each word must be weighed, which limits creativity, or even to offer detailed content. Purely physical signage is not a viable solution to enhancing the territory on a large scale, outside of particularly remarkable monuments.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are interesting in theory, because we use the full potential of digital. From the user's point of view, however, this is not ideal: visitors must download the App from the store, activate geolocation, etc. to find out where the curiosities are. It takes preparation. Even if the content or journey is excellent, there is a risk that it will never be discovered.

  • The advantage of Genius Loci This is because the content can also be discovered in context, sometimes randomly during a stroll. A simple scan of the QR code allows you to discover the content, on the spot, without having to install an App, or even to prepare.
  • Our interface has been particularly studied to offer the best user experience (UX) possible. Both for visitors and contributors. In fact, it is very simple to create content on Genius Loci, even using a simple smartphone.
  • This allows cities to entrust all or part of the content creation to the local population. Who, in addition to being able to cover a much broader or denser territory than with only professionals, will also be able to transmit his passion and create rich or emotional content.