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Want to share your memories?

You know the region like no one, we are counting on you to pass on your knowledge! Before coming to the workshop, try to make a list of interesting places to value and try to remember a few anecdotes.

Take your notes, photo albums or old journals with you

Do you want to write content?

Anyone can become one of our “Geniuses”. You just have to want to write the content of the medals and tell the story of the place in your own words. Photography enthusiasts can also have fun. Even if you have recently arrived in the region, you can also contribute!

Take your computer, phone or tablet with you, you will need it to write the content

Studio Genius Loci - Association La Salévienne Andilly

The Genius Loci, now in your town

The life of your ancestors, the place where you grew up, your city, your neighborhood… no one can tell these stories better than you. Genius Loci is a link between past, present and future generations.

Citizens become “Genius”

Funded by towns or villages, regions or associations, the Medals Genius Loci offer the possibility of co-creating content with the local population.

Fans of history, architecture or culture can finally share their knowledge, in context. They become the guardians of the memory of the places.

Our Geniuses are historians, photographers, teachers, travelers, architects, retirees, artists, heritage and nature enthusiasts...

Genius Loci - woman sitting on a bench writing content

3 hours to start promoting your region

The workshop generally takes place on Saturday between 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., followed by an aperitif offered by the municipality 

Workshop facilitators support groups in the process of collecting content and adding it to the digital space Genius Loci.

💡 No computer knowledge is required

At the end of the workshop, the first medals Genius Loci will be activated, with the first anecdotes and stories, ready to be installed. The content can be enriched later.


  • Presentation of Medals Genius Loci and the role of citizens
  • Reflection on the places of interest to be valued
  • Group work on a few first places, opening of the first medals and transmission of knowledge
  • Aperitif

Behind every place there is a story, too often overlooked

How does it work?

Where to place the medals

The ambition of Genius Loci is to enhance hidden-away or little-known places. A natural curiosity, an old house, a bench, a statue, a tomb, a village square, a remarkable tree...

The medals have been designed to fit in elegantly everywhere, including as close as possible to the object to be enhanced. If it's not your private place, however, consider asking permission before placing

Bench Genius Loci

AboutGenius Loci

2000 years ago, the Romans thought that every place was protected by a Genius Loci, - the spirit of the place.

Today, the “ genius loci » designates the particular atmosphere of a place, its character, its history. The term is particularly used in architecture.

Now we’ve taken up this notion to create a rewarding and easy-to-use tool for cities, community organizations and individual citizens, to promote and digitize their favorite hidden attractions and secrets, while preserving heritage for all to access.

Created in Switzerland by the brains behind Design Sprint Ltd, Genius Loci SA offers the possibility of making hyperlocal destinations finally attractive, at a very affordable cost for cities, associations and communities.

Statue Genius Loci up close